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Rely on us to conduct a thorough water heater inspection to keep things running smoothly.

When you turn on the hot water to take a shower or wash the dishes, you’re probably not thinking about all the work your water heater has to do to make that possible. Having a water heater is a modern luxury, but it can often go overlooked. However, since you rely on your water heater every day for several tasks and purposes, it’s important to make sure it stays in good shape — especially because it isn’t always easy or cheap to replace it. By scheduling a water heater inspection, you can stay informed about your water heater’s condition and take steps to improve it.

Water Heater Inspection in Dallas, Texas

Here at Stover Plumbing, we offer water heater inspections for homeowners in Dallas, Texas. If you have been noticing issues with water heater lately, such as rust-colored water or fluctuating temperatures, you’ll want a professional to come and check it out. Even if you haven’t noticed these kinds of signs, however, it’s still worthwhile to schedule a water heater inspection at least once per year to ensure everything is in working condition and there are no leaks present.

With over 15 years of plumbing experience, we are prepared to provide a thorough water heater inspection in your home. We will take the time to carefully check the base of the unit and the pressure relief valve, among other components. If we notice any causes for concern, we will make note of them and let you know the best way to proceed, whether that’s scheduling repair services or replacing the water heater altogether.

Contact us today if you need a water heater inspection for your home.