Faucet Repair, Dallas, TX

Ignoring the signs that you need faucet repair can cause even bigger issues.

The faucets in your house are essential, giving you consistent access to clean water for cleaning, cooking, and personal hygiene. But just like any other fixture, faucets occasionally experience issues that need to be fixed. Ignoring these problems can result in water waste, higher utility costs, and sometimes even damage to your house. Our team at Stover Plumbing can assist you with faucet repair in the Dallas, Texas area to ensure your faucets work as they should.

Faucet Repair in Dallas, Texas

A continuous trickle from your faucet is one of the most obvious signs that you need faucet repair services. Dripping water can be an annoyance, but over time, even a slight trickle can result in substantial water waste that affects the environment and your pocketbook. Replacing worn-out washers or seals can often solve the problem of a leaky faucet.

Another annoyance is when you turn on your faucet and notice a drop in water pressure. There may be several underlying problems at play, including mineral buildup, a blocked aerator, or a malfunctioning valve. By taking quick action to resolve these problems, we can ensure your plumbing system stays safe from future damage and restore normal water flow.

Constantly running water is another sign that you need faucet repair. Our team can assess the situation to see if it’s due to a malfunctioning cartridge or valve that doesn’t completely stop the water flow or something else. Finally, If you see a collection of water surrounding the base of your faucet while it is in operation, it may be an indication of a leak in either the connections or the seals. Over time, this kind of leak can get bigger and cause water damage to your sink or countertop. Early intervention can help avoid future, more involved faucet repair.

These are only a few indicators that point to a need for faucet repair. If you notice any of these or are curious about the services we offer, contact our team today.