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Stay informed about your gas lines to protect your home and family.

Gas lines play an important role in your home. They transport highly flammable gases to several appliances you use daily, such as your gas stove, water heater, or fireplace. You may not pay your gas lines any mind most of the time, but it’s important that you don’t ignore them completely.

Gas Line Inspection in Dallas, Texas

Damaged gas lines are extremely dangerous because gas leaks don’t just emit strong odors. Truthfully, the only reason that gas leaks smell is because utility companies purposely add these unpleasant scents. The rotten egg or sulfur smell alerts homeowners to the presence of odorless gas so that they can take swift action to protect themselves. The real danger of gas leaks is the toxic air and the risk of explosive incidents. A gas line inspection helps you prevent these dangers by ensuring they are in good condition.

At Stover Plumbing, we recommend having a professional gas line inspection done once a year. This will provide frequent opportunities to check up on your home’s safety and take care of any repair or maintenance your gas lines may require. We are the company you can trust to conduct this inspection since we’ve been in the business for more than 15 years and we are licensed and insured. But more than that, we are genuinely dedicated to your safety and satisfaction.

In addition to our gas line inspection services, we also offer gas line installation and replacement services. If your gas lines need to be upgraded because of your home’s age or some other reason, we are the professionals you can trust to handle it.

Contact us today to schedule a gas line inspection or another service we provide in the Dallas, Texas area.